Terms and conditions


Default rate is a 7 day account (of invoice submission) unless told otherwise. Failure to pay invoices by due date will automatically switch to the 30 day account and a new invoice with the changes (in price and due date) will be sent.

If payment is not made after 30 days of the initial invoice being submitted a late fee of 15% (compound interest) of first invoice will be charged for every everyday payment is late. An updated invoice will be sent at the end of each week until invoice has been paid.



After 8 hours have elapsed each additional hour will be charged at $100 per hour which is rounded to the nearest half hour.

No shoot will exceed 14 hours (including set-up and pack-up time) due to safety reasons as I need to be awake and alert when I drive home.

Travel Rates


  • Up to 1 hour travel to location from Heathmont or accommodation is free.
  • Up to 1 hour travel back home (Heathmont) or to accommodation is free.
  • Any travel during the full day or half day period is free.
  • Travel that exceeds 1 hour will be charged at $100 per hour rounded to the nearest half hour.


  • Interstate and international jobs will be charged at a full day rate for filming days and half day for any travel days.


Bookings, holds and cancellations Bookings



Bookings are an agreement between you and I that the job is going ahead 100%. In booking me I have agreed to retain my services for the period of your booking.

All bookings have to be confirmed via email with details for the shoot (time and location at minimum). Bookings will not be finalised until written (email/text) confirmation that the job had been locked in has been received.


If someone want’s to book me for the date that you have a hold on me for I will get in contact with you first to give you priority if you want to book me in for the date.

If you are unable to confirm the booking on the date that you have me on hold for then unfortunately I will have to take the other job. This also applies to if I’m unable to get in contact with you.

Cancellation Fees:

Booking cancellations are subject to a fee of the following:
• 48 hours prior to the booking will incur a 50% cancellation fee
• 24 hours prior to the booking will incur a 75% cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee will only be charged if other work opportunities were missed as a result of your cancelled booking.

Jobs that change dates are also subject to cancellation fees. Any cancellation fees will be invoice on the date of the booking.